Early Intervention Clinic

Our program offers individual and small group intervention from diagnosis to 5 years of age. We work with each child on a one-to-one ratio to provide the highest quality of services. Learn more

In home ABA services

At “Evolving Minds Together”, we work hard to achieve your child’s highest potential. We use the scientifically proven principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis to teach children to communicate effectively, play functionally, socially engage appropriately, and, most importantly, live independently. We use the same principles to reduce maladaptive behaviors such as tantrums, aggression, disobedience and self-injurious behaviors.

Each treatment is individualized to meet the specific needs of your child whether it’s at home or out in the community.  We also encourage, train and guide parents and families to help their children through life’s challenges and achieve success.

Through the delivery of effective, evidence-based high-quality behavioral services, our goal is to provide therapeutic services to enhance children’s learning, to reduce maladaptive behaviors to a minimum, and to take each child to his or her maximum potential.

AfterCare ABA Program

Our aftercare program is developed for children up to 10 years of age who would benefit from a small group setting with direct instruction. Using ABA therapy techniques, our team will help each child improve social skills, communication, gain independence and improve academics. We work with each child on a one-to-one ratio to provide the highest quality of services. Our daily schedule will give them many opportunities to explore, experiment, and develop problem-solving skills.

Social Skills

Like many other skills, social skills for children with developmental disabilities need to be taught directly.

At Evolving Minds Together, we use Applied Behavior Analysis to teach and guide social interaction so as to establish and maintain friendships. Please contact us for more information.

Parent Training Sessions

The parent-training component in ABA might be the most important factor in your child’s long-term success. Parent training will assist the parent(s) to reduce problematic behavior and identify appropriate replacement behavior(s.) Benefits of parent training include: increasing your child’s functional communication skills, prompting independence, decreasing problem behavior(s), increasing appropriate behavior(s), consistency, increasing independent living skills and compliance. Parent training sessions will consist of weekly meetings to go over different topics and techniques and will include a community outing where parents get the chance to apply what has been learned.

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Behavioral Consulting

We offer services to community care, residential facilities, and schools via the framework of Applied Behavior Analysis. Our purpose is to teach new skills to teachers, caregivers and other professionals to effectively educate, integrate and support individuals.

International Services

We take our potential to build brighter futures all over the world. Our team travels where needed to provide Applied Behavioral Services to children and their families.  Please contact us for more information.

Feeding Therapy/Feeding Intervention

We have created a feeding intervention program that targets children who show signs of food selectivity. The program is designed to expand their food repertories, quantity, texture, color and other food-related problems. Picky eating primarily raises concerns for parents when the child does not receive proper nutrients the body requires. Learn more